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Duration:  Approx. 3 hours Best Sellers
  • Enjoy Half-Day Guided Tour to Prague Castle
  • Detailed Walking tour of Prague Castle
  • Know that history behind the castle's centuries-old stones
  • See the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George Basilica
  • Service of a professional live guide
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    Duration:  Approx. 4 hours Book Now & Save 5%
  • Enjoy Half-Day Tour to Karlstejn Castle in Prague
  • Visit the 14th Century Karlstejn Castle
  • See the unique wall paintings dating back to the 14th century
  • Explore this picturesque site in the middle of dense forests
  • Service of tour guide at the castle
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    Duration:  Approx. 4 hours Most Popular Tour!
  • Enjoy Half-Day Tour to Konopiste Chateau in Prague
  • Visit the Konopiste, one of Bohemia’s most beautiful chateaus
  • Admire its charming collection of historical sculptures, paintings
  • Explore Konopiste’s large park and garden area
  • Service of tour guide at the castle
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    Duration:  Approx. 5 hours 5% Discount For Next 3 Days!
  • Enjoy Half-Day visit to Kutna Hora and Saint Barbara Cathedral
  • Guided tour of Kutna Hora - UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Visit gothic landmarks - St. Barbara Cathedral & the Bone Chapel
  • Marvel the architectural interior of St. Barbara Cathedral
  • Visit the Sedlec Ossuary - small Roman Catholic chapel
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    Duration:  Approx. 5 hours
  • Experience Guided Tour to Terezin Concentration Camp Memorial
  • Notorious camp that held 150,000 prisoners during the Nazi dynasty
  • Learn about the tragic fate of all those who perished here
  • Get a chance to see the Memorial of National Martyrdom
  • Visit to the Small Fortress and the Museum of Ghetto
  • Service of a professional tour guide
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